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7 principles book

A powerful narrative, this book outlines seven principles that changed a planet and pulls no punches describing how they can also change your life by acting on them. Johnny, the books main character, challenges every reader to begin thinking critically about their approach to life and success.

Reading "The Seven Principles that Changed the Planet Will Change Your Life," will remind you of the importance of both believing in yourself and being true to that belief. It is a book that we all can relate to because it's not a business book, it's not an inspirational book, and it's not a text book. It is a book about life and as such, will help you at any juncture in which you may find yourself. No matter where you are on your pathway to success, it can be an asset, helping you realize your goals, your dreams, and your ambitions no matter what they are.

CEO Strategist—Rick Johnson, Ph.D.

DanaThis easy to read book, is a story about two brothers set in ancient times. One brother was successful; in fact, he was so successful that we owe civilization to him. The other brother was not successful, and if it was up to him, we’d all still be living in a hunting and gathering society.This book is about: seeing the ordinary in a way that has the potential to transform the ordinary life into the extraordinary life.

—Dana Prieto