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Change The World?

Will buying this book really change the world?

No buying the book won't change the world, however buying this book and applying the seven easy to follow principles will change you and it is a guarantee when you change the whole world around you will somehow magically seem to change.

Johnny & Jimmy

Johnny and Jimmy, the main characters who live in a nomadic hunting and gathering society. Johnny begins to tire of the nomaditc lifestyle. He dreams of a better life where he no longer has to live a hand to mouth existence. So Johnny sets out to find a better way.

The Seven Principles

In the process of finding a better way for his family Johnny discovers farming and then civilization springs up around his farm. Seven key principles are extrapolated from the story of Johnny and Jimmy. Jimmy by the way can't be bothered with this "finding a better way" because he believes he is far too busy drawing pictures on the cave walls and retelling the stories of the days hunt.



The seven principles changed the planet and if applied they will change your life!

Wendy Stevens | Web 2.0 Marketing Guru

"Consulting for companies such as the Trump Network on their Web 2.0 marketing strategies means I have to stay on the absolute cutting edge or lose the game.
And I hate losing! The principles in this book will keep you and your team on that winning edge. Buy a book for EVERYONE on your team!"
—Wendy Stevens Web 2.0 Consultant | Speaker | Internet Marketer

Ron Marks | America's Favorite Sales Manager

"Every sales manager who is serious about their team's sales growth needs to have the sales staff read and reread this book until the 7 principles become unconscious actions."
—Ron Marks America's Favorite Sales Manager| Author | Speaker |Trainer

Rick Johnson | CEO Strategist"This book drives home the reality that belief in yourself, your ideas, and the willingness to act on your own vision have been tested in the crucible of real life experience since civilization  began"

  —Rick Johnson  Ph.D. Ceo Strategist | Author | Speaker